41 million will be spent on media coverage of governor’s work

The one who pays money dances with the girl

The Moscow Region authorities will spend 41 million rubles from the regional budget on media coverage of the activities of Governor A. Vorobyov, Kommersant reports citing MBH Media.

The Moscow Region Governor A. Vorobyov
The Moscow Region Governor Andery Vorobyov

The allocated money is planned to be spent on creating a special application that tells about the life of the regions (24.7 million rubles), information about Governor Vorobyov himself with regular publications in the print media (9.9 million rubles) and publications about the governor and the Moscow region government in the Internet media (6.4 million rubles).

Andrey Vorobyov has been the head of the Moscow region government since November 2012, replacing Sergey Shoigu (who was also the former chief of his father — Yury Vorobyov). During his political career Andrey Vorobyov has frequently been a participant in many scandals. For example, being the head of the CEC of «The United Russia», he had parties at Courchevel Resort with the ex-Minister of Finance of the Moscow Region A. Kuznetsov. In 2016, being already the Governor of the Moscow region, he supported the adoption of the law on “forest amnesty”. The adoption of this law would allow legalizing the seizure of forest land for development and use, which is contrary to the provisions of the Russian Forest Code.

There is no doubt that the money will go to the “correct” coverage of the activities of the governor and his team. After all, people’s distrust of the authorities does not grow out of nowhere. Environmental problems, income differences with Moscow, and, of course, corruption scandals — all these media fed by millions of investments will have to neutralize the bad effect with positive information. Earlier, we already covered how experts advised officials to “improve their image”.

All talk of freedom of speech in bourgeois Russia remains an empty fiction. As people say, «he who pays the money dances with the girl» — and capitalists do not mind spending any kind of funds on these “dances”.