American billionaires are getting richer during pandemic

Russian olygarchs are not far behind

During the pandemic, while unemployment rates are increasing dramatically — 43 million Americans have lost jobs — the combined fortune of US billionaires over the past 11 weeks has grown by 565 billion and amounted to 3.51 trillion dollars. This is reported by the state newspaper «Rossiyskaya Gazeta». Probably, the impoverished Russians are obliged to realize that the domestic bourgeoisie is not like that, and the Russian economic stratification is close to «normal».

 Capitalistic dolce vita
Capitalistic dolce vita

The welfare of the American bourgeoisie is spoken of in a report by the IPS Political Research Institute.

«While the savings of ordinary Americans are shrinking, billionaires are rapidly gaining wealth, experts say«.

Jeff Bezos (Amazon) got richer by 36.2 billion, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) — by 30.1 billion, Elon Musk (SpaceX) — by 14.1 billion dollars.

In Russia, the situation is not fundamentally different: the big «national bourgeoisie» have made 62 billion dollars during the pandemic. Among domestic billionaires, Vladimir Potanin (Mining and Metallurgical Company Nornickel) increased his fortune from $ 19.7 billion to $ 26.1 billion, Leonid Mikhelson (Novatek — Russia’s largest supplier of liquefied natural gas) — from 17.1 billion to 22.5 billion, Vladimir Lisin (NLMK) — from 19 billion to 21 billion dollars.

«Losses from the pandemic were quickly compensated by both the American and Russian bourgeoisie. So, compared with 2019, US billionaires have become richer by $ 401 billion, IPS experts summarize«.

The unemployment rate in the state of the victorious liberal democracy will go up to 20 percent — a record figure for the entire calculation period.

Poverty in the USA
Poverty in the USA

This is a grotesque indicator of deep inequality in the society of the United States,” experts at the IPS think tank concluded.

Perhaps the “peaceful protest” that swept across the United States turned out to be a class conflict?