“Amnesty of capitals” declarations were given more protections by the Supreme Court

Let’s make rich even richer!

Russian supreme court extended protections given under so-called “amnesty of capitals” declarations, that were introduced by the government decision to encourage at least partial return of capitals back in Russia. From now on, those who applied under this amnesty are also receiving protection from prosecution on tax and administrative offences in addition to criminal immunity.

As we can see, Russian authorities are very benevolent towards their fellow oligarchs. You can avoid taxation, steal tremendous amount of capital abroad and still receive no punishment! Isn’t it wonderful? Instead of prosecuting criminals and tax schemers, fraudsters, stopping flight of capital, authorities giving up on their responcibilities by declaring “amnesty of capitals”. Such decision creates two explanations – either law enforcement agencies (FSB and SVR included) are incapable of put an end to flight of capital, or authorities never really tried to achieve this and not willing to punish such economic crimes, sometimes out from fear for their own skin.

At the same time, absolute majority of society, working class cannot even dream of such generocity: every fine, debt will be taken out from ordinary men to the last copper.

Clearly, such decision was made not out of incompetence of the govt agencies, but in order to protect interests of ruling class. Introduction of the “amnesty” itself was made by the people, deeply involved in illegal financial schemes, so by signing this law, these people covered themselves.

In the end, budget losses from such policies will be covered at expence of whole society, meaning lesser public spending and dropping quality of life.