Another pre-election coalition created in Novosibirsk

Another round of «election show»

The coordinating Council of the “left-patriotic” coalition plans to recommend one or another candidate to cover all districts of the city. The coordination Council explained that priority will be given to non-party candidates, because, in his opinion, party representatives are dependent on on their leaders.

The new coalition in Novosibirsk
The new coalition in Novosibirsk

This is the second committee in Novosibirsk organized to participate in the 2020 elections. But while the first one, consisting of liberals and nationalists, strongly criticizes the work of the City Hall, the «left-patriotic» one clearly hints that it is set to cooperate with the authorities.

Moreover, the chairman of the public organization “Pensioners for a decent life”, that forms the coordination council, A. Mukharytsin is the deputy head of the Oktyabrsky district administration for urban economy, which means he works directly with the City Hall. At the last mayoral elections, the Communist Party already used a similar technique, putting forward its own “candidate from the opposition” in order to take away votes from Lokot’s rivals.

The committee “Pensioners for a decent life” was founded in Novosibirsk in 2010 as an association of social activists and political parties for upholding the rights of pensioners to unlimited travel in public transport. After the return of benefits, the committee self-dissolved, but some activists continued to organize «ritual» protests. Further, under this «brand» in Novosibirsk, campaigns were held to combat the increase in housing and communal services tariffs, the increase in fares and retirement age.

They were often joined by various opposition organizations (mostly leftist) to organize protests. And now, when the next election period has come, the committee, which has gained popularity in the city thanks to left activists, announces its participation in the elections under the guise of “opposition” and even agrees to cooperate with the city’s authorities that are represented by both the Communist Party and «The United Russia».

Communists from the RKRP and ROT FRONT believe that it is impossible to participate in either the liberal-nationalist or the “left-patriotic” coalition. If the former want to do something useful for the city, albeit within the framework of their petty-bourgeois goals, then the latter committee is very likely just a “spoiler” created by the authorities with the aim of separating competitors.