Archpriest wants to introduce a “Special Role” of Russians in the Constitution

Church paves the road to Nazism

The infamous Russian Orthodox archpriest Dmitry Smirnov stated that it is necessary to include in the Russian constitution a mention of the special role of the Russian people. “The Russians created our empire”, he added. Such statements give the “non-Russian” peoples of Russia an extra reason to recall the interethnic conflicts, which are not so few in modern Russia. Is the glory of the “prison of peoples” haunting the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church?

Протоиерей Димитрий Смирнов
Dmitry Smirnov

Smirnov stated the following on the air of «Komsomolskaya Pravda» radio:

“We must write it down that the Russian people are state-forming people. Different peoples have lived together in our country for many centuries. But none of these peoples, although they participated in the creation and strengthening of our state and all peoples served selflessly and heroically, but only the Russians have the instinct to create a state. This is what you need to write. It’s true. And there is no offense here either for our Tatar or Kalmyk brothers. It’s just that our empire, a sixth of the land during its heyday, was created by the Russians”.

Archpriest Smirnov is also known for his scandalous statements, like his calls for atheists to commit suicide and the glorification of Islamic fundamentalism.

It is easy to notice that mentioning the “peculiarity” of a specific ethnic group in the basic state law leads, ultimately, to the formation of the idea of ​​“chosenness”, “exclusivity” in the public consciousness. The proposed amendment to the Constitution will give a powerful impetus to the growth of Russian nationalism and xenophobia. Youngsters who beat “foreigners” will receive serious self-justification for their actions. In other words, Smirnov’s initiative is a deliberate step towards state Nazism. And this is being done in conditions when interethnic conflicts in Russia are not so rare. The most recent example is a massive conflict with gypsies in Penza region in the summer of 2019.

Dmitry Smirnov heads the commission on family affairs in the Russian Orthodox Church and, thus, is a high-ranking church official. Obviously, he could not express his idea without agreement with his superiors. This is indirectly evidenced by the fact that Vladimir Gundyaev himself (the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, better known as Patriarch Kirill) came up with the idea to introduce a mention of God into the Russian Сonstitution. If both of these amendments pass, then modern Russia will take a giant step backward, towards the public order of the Russian Empire шт the 19th century.

Царская Россия - тюрьма народов
«The Russian Empire is the prison for peoples!»

There are no greater patriots than communists. We love our country, culture and history. And therefore, we are sure that fixing the “peculiarity” of the people in any kind of documents is, first of all, an insult to the people. A truly outstanding nation does not need legislative “crutches” to prove its greatness to the world. The Russian people and other peoples of the Russian Empire proved this, for example, in 1917, when for the first time in the world they paved the way for a new society. “Crutches” and other devices are needed only by those who are trying to protect their decrepit glory from the surrounding reality. For example, the Russian Orthodox Church instills the Orthodox faith through legislation and gendarme batons; thus, the church only weakens and discredits itself.

The mention of God, as well as the “special role” of this or that nation, is necessary for the ruling class — the bourgeoisie, in order to successfully pit people of different nationalities, in order to distract their attention from real enemies. The real enemy of any honest, working Russian, Tatar, Kalmyk, Chechen, Yakut, Ossetian is capital.