Authorities of Novosibirsk raised the tariffs again

“Red” mayor is robbing citizens again

It was announced by local authorities of Novosibirsk that from 8th of December public transportation fees will rise. As in the previous year (last time fees were increased in 1st December 2018), no preliminary discussion was conducted. Again, citizens were just presented with the fact that they will lose more money.

В Новосибирске опять поднимают тарифы

Average increase of public transportation fees is around 10-15%.Mayor office justified such measure with pointing to the weariness of railroad tracks, that need change and vehicle fleet renewal for city’s metropolitan depot.

It is funny, because the’ve told the same thing last year, and increased public transportation fees under the same pretext. It means that mayor and his team are just sucking up to private transport operators. Moreover, they’ve learned a trick, that it is unwise to increase the prices at 30-40% in one hit, for it may cause outrage among the people. But if made step by step, it becomes more subtle.

Of course, we understand that under capitalism ordinary people’s money will be used for improvement of city’s facilities. Capitalists have more important tasks before them, than spending their money for a common good. But what is interesting, city’s mayor- Alexander Lokot is also a prominent member of CPRF – “official communist” party of Russia. It is not the first time he’s lobbying interests of big businesses – for example, he passed the decision to increase tarrifs for housing and public utilities at 15%, which was highly beneficial for SIBECO company, whose owner Mr Abazov was convicted of tax evasion and various, including criminal, charges. After jailing of Abazov, company changed name to SGK, yet to this day enjoys higher rates of profits, granted by the generous hand of “red” mayor.

Is there anyone who has doubts about whose interests Mr Lokot is protecting and where his loyalties lie? Ruling United Russia party hadn’t presented their candidate on recent mayor elections, because they knew well enough, that Lokot himself will protect their interests. At the same time, member of other political party will take the heat for making unpopular decisions, which is also beneficial for United Russia, making them look better, like they had nothing to do with this. His actions are perfect example of cooperation between ruling United Russia and CPRF, working towards the same goal – preserving capitalism.