Bill allowing creation of private drunk tanks approved in the first reading

State gives away its right to exercise violence to the highest bidder

Russian State Duma approved new amendments in federal legislation concerning functioning of police and its cooperation with drunk tanks or any other organizations dealing with people under alcohol intoxication.
The biggest issue with this amendment is that since local authorities are not responsible for creation of drunk tanks, now it is legal to build them using private investments.

Платные вытрезвители

It will allow owners of private drunk tanks to charge intoxicated individuals for a time spend inside, as well as hire private security to enforce order and dealing with misbehaving «clients».

It is not the first time Russian state contracted out its responsibilities. We can witness in Russia now a system of private tow yards, where contractors in close cooperation with traffic police making huge amounts of money by charging drivers for evacuation of their vehicles.

Of course, we, communists, strongly condemning misuse of alcohol. What makes this initiative special is that state announced that its right to exercise violence can be sold to the highest bidder to squeeze money from unfortunates. Private security, private tow yards, private drunk tanks – one can only guess, what other tools of oppression of working class Russian state is willing to put contract out next?