Chelyabinsk dentists protesting against newly appointed chief specialist

Nepotism destroys the country

Doctors in dentist clinic №1 of Chelyabinsk openly opposed appointment of new chief specialist, who was put in charge of clinic. His first initiative was to introduce new minimal service quotas clearly showed his incopetency

“Why we have to suffer from incompetence of management?”, “Son-in-law of director of the clinic leads our collective to collapse”, “Clinic is ruled by chief of juridicial department”. Such banners were placed near the building of the clinic.

Челябинские врачи против нового главврача

“Sometimes it feels like chief of juridicial department was put in charge of clinic, and not it’s director. During the meetings she allows herself to shout on doctors, showing zero respect. This is unacceptable”. – said one of the doctors.

Such situations happening very often, when incompetent people are put in charge, especially if they also doesn’t care about improvement of employees working conditions. In this case it was that plus newly appointed chief specialist is a close relative to the boss of another medical facility

Such shows of cronyism are in abundance in Russia, as well as in other countries. Capitalists and officials always trying to put their incompetent relatives in executive positions (if they cannot send them to live abroad in luxury) despite the risks for society, which will suffer from their lack of practical knowledge and understanding. While capitalists blame all our problems on the West, at the same time causing devastations by their own actions, using our fatherland as a source of wealth accumulation, which in the long run will lead us to disaster, thinking that untill this point they will manage to leave the country, so it is in our, working class best interests to start working towards better future for us and future generations