Clashes in Iran: people’s struggle or CIA-backed conspiracy?

Supreme leader claims that “enemies abroad” are behind the recent events

In Friday, 15th of November, mass protests started throughout Iran. People were outraged by recent rises of fuel prices. According to media sources, 25 people were already killed. Internet communications in Islamic republic were shut down, while authorities claiming that “enemies abroad” are provoking the protests. Such explanation became so universal for various political regimes in the world. But is this a legit claim?

Protest started after decision of Supreme council of economic coordination to: 1) impose limitations on purchase of fuel – no more than 60 liters per person in a month, and 2) increase fuel prices. Government justified such severe austery measure as a way to… “help the poor”. Various media sources proclaiming that fuel prices skyrocketed, becoming 50% costlier, i.e. 1.5 rise happened. Indeed, pockets of vehicle owners suffered heavy blow after introduction of this initiative. From the start, according to media, protests turned violent and destructive. Iranian state-funded news agency Irna claimed that protesters in Sirjan attacked fuel depot in order to burn it down. In many other cities car owners blockaded traffic and even constructed barricades. Police officer was killed in Kermanshah. At this moment, 25 people are dead, and around 40 arrested.

US State Department already denounced Iranian govt actions. In his turn, Supreme leader of IRI Ali Khamenei claimed that protests were provoked by “enemies abroad”:

“Indeed, some of our countrymen are concerned with it (rise of fuel prices), but those who perform acts of arson and sabotage are hooligans and cannot be considered part of a nation. Counter-revolutionaries and enemies of Iran had always supported diversions and continuing to do so to this day”.

Alexander Batov, secretary of Central Committee of ROT Front party, shared his view on the problem:

“We cannot discard position of Iranian authorities as baseless. Protests in Hong Kong, backed by CIA are happening as we speak. Such events are part of trade war between US imperialism and its rivals. Recently happened overthrowing of Evo Morales, democratically elected president of Bolivia, that had clear signs of conflict of interests between Chinese and western corporations only supports this claim.

But we, in Russia, all aware, how various ruling regimes in different countries are eager to blame their failures on CIA agents”. It is impossible to provoke mass protests if there is no internal contradictions established in society. But capitalist system will always posess them. Moreover, those are the contradictions of highest order – class contradictions, that are antagonistic by design. Society problems left unsolved create a very dangerous environment, where even a small accident can lead to full-scale conflict. Sometimes these accidents happening spontaneously, sometimes they provoked by foreign influence. Yet they always are the product of internal divisions.

People’s movement of every country can protect its independence from foreign influence only if it is ideologically trained, motivated and organised, and continues empowering of a working class».

In 2017 IRI had supplied foreign markets with 105.1mln tons of oil. Since the beginning of new century, country faced deficit of oil refining capabilities, which one of the main causes of crisis, that lead to introducing quotas and imports of gasoline from abroad. It is only natural that old enemy of Iran, US and their satellite states in EU and Asia enforced sanctions in 2017. In 2018 country was cut off from SWIFT system. Such trade war is always only one stop from the real one.