Communist Party will help authorities raise turnout for «popular vote»

Faithful assistance to the bourgeois dictatorship since 1993

More and more facts indicate that the Communist Party is heading to support the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. This follows from the speeches at the round table organized by this party in Moscow on February, 20. True to their image of “constructive opposition”, representatives of the Communist Party have already joined in the work on the amendments. In order to gain self-justification in the eyes of their electorate, they curse the current constitution and expose the work on amendments as the greatest good. As in 1993, the Communist Party plays the role of supporting the ruling regime: noisy criticism in words and support in practice.

Зюганов выступает по поводу поправок в конституцию
A speech on the amendments by Gennady Zyuganov

On February 20, a round table was held in the October Hall of the House of Unions (in fact, a forum of one party) entitled «On the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation proposed by the faction of the Political Party «Communist Party of the Russian Federation». The main television channels of the country mentioned this event; in particular, on the Vesti program, it was mentioned about the fifteen amendments prepared by the Communist Party, and the words of the Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov were quoted while talking with the reporters:

«… Changes to the constitution, which essentially change the liberal constitution of the bourgeois-criminal state, at least to a more patriotic one, taking into account the thousand-year history of the development of our state».

Speaking at the forum itself, Zyuganov spoke more specifically:

«The very initiative on the need to «repair» the constitution, which we have always insisted on, deserves support, because we are talking about revising the liberal-bourgeois, criminal constitution, born of the blood of the defenders of the Soviet power. This is a step in the right direction».

Zyuganov preferred to remain silent about the fact that in 1993 he himself indirectly helped arrange a bloody reprisal against the defenders of the Soviet power. October 2, 1993, Boris Yeltsin gave Zyuganov a television broadcast; speaking from television screens, Zyuganov urged Russians to sit at home and not participate in events at the Parliament. This confused the ranks of the White House defenders and contributed to their defeat.

After the coup, Yeltsin hastily organized a referendum on the adoption of a new (current) constitution. The Russian Communist Workers Party (RKRP) consistently called for a boycott of this referendum in order to thwart an attempt by the bourgeois dictatorship to legitimize itself in the eyes of society. The Communist Party also called on the population to come to the referendum and vote against. As a result, this party helped the authorities ensure a sufficient turnout for the referendum. The results of the referendum were rigged and soon destroyed.

Зюганов выступает по телевидению 2 октября 1993 года
Gennady Zyuganov giving the speech on October 2, 1993

After 27 years, the Communist Party again plays the same role as a servant of power. Instead of exposing the fake performance with the “popular vote”, this party was eagerly drawn into the meaningless and dead-end work of writing the amendments. The gentlemen from the Communist Party are well aware that there are no levers even to put these amendments to the vote. The amendments prepared by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, most likely, will not be accepted by the authorities for consideration. Nevertheless, the Communist Party deliberately sows illusions in society that the work of the puppet «constitutional amendment commission» is affecting something; as if the results of the «popular vote» had legal force and influenced something. There is no doubt that in April the Communist Party will call on its supporters to come to this fake «vote» and thereby again help the authorities to ensure the legitimacy of their scheme with the amendments to the Constitution.

Supporting the bourgeois dictatorship is the main task and the very meaning of the existence of the Communist Party today.