“Consumer society” was blamed for declining birth rates

The main reason wasn’t mentioned. Again.

Chief reproductive expert of Russian Ministry of Healthcare Oleg Apolikhin blamed declining birth rates on “consumerist mindset” of younger generation. According to him, youth today is more concerned with making a career, getting money and not starting a family and raising kids. “Even buying a car is more important to them, than making families”- concluded expert.

Such state of things is rather ordinary under current economic order, where main criteria of efficiency is profit. Every capitalist enterprise is focused on getting as much as possible, and that’s normal, because if there is no profit for a capitalist, there is no wages for workers. Rate of profits is dependent on demand – the higher is demand, the higher are the profits. That leads capitalists to stimulate demand by any means possible, including propagating and enforcing consumerist behavior model, which directly links value of an individual with the rate of his buying power and represents acts of consumption as personal achievements. Such ideological construct was created in order to exploit working class more efficiently.

From other hand, raising a child in our society requiers tremendous amount of expenditures and becomes huge burden at working family member’s shoulders. Child’s clothing, toys, supplementary education will significantly reduce family’s budget. Talking about buying a car, which seems for our expert as something bad, even one of the roots of evil. In our current capitalist reality, where public services (healthcare,education, transportation), continue to deteriorate, personal car is not a luxury, but a necessity. In order to get your kids in and out of school, your elderly in a clinic, having personal vehicle will save a lot of your time and effort, especially if you live in a rural area, because significant cuts in healthcare spending caused reduction of medical staff, and in order to get help from a professional it is necessary to go to regional capital.

Such healthcare “reforms” had lead us to rise of mortality and fall of fertility rates. All this funds, which were cut from public spending will be relocated to support speculations of oligarchy, their military adventurism throughout the world.

History teaches us, that in order to advance quality of our lives and increase birth rates while reducing pressure on parents by funding public healthcare, kindergartens, transportation and education, which is only possible under socialism. It is in our, working class men and women to achieve this, and in order to suceed, we must organize ourselves and continue to study Marxist theory.