Criminal proceedings were instigated in Moscow after revealing of shipment with defective radios

They’ve got caught because aimed for too little

During the latest inspection, Moscow military prosecution office found out about 1mln roubles that were stolen during the shipment of defective Chinese-made radios for the army.

«Prosecutor’s inspection revealed violation of terms of contract for providing Russian-made radios issued by «Compass-R» LLC. In 2016 instead of receiving aforementioned radios, army personnel received defective Chinese made analogues, and technological requirements weren’t met» –stated in military prosecution office press-release.

Criminal proceedings were instigated under the article 159 p.4 of Criminal Code (“Major scale fraud ”), while unlucky enterpreneurs expecting trial.

Squeeze them hard!
Making profit is the essence of capitalism

Authorities can celebrate their success, the’ve prevented stealing of 1mln rubles. But should we blame the criminals for their attempt to make money out of state funds if the state is based on a principles of greed and profit, no matter what the cost?

Untill we have an economic system that promotes personal enrichment by any means necessary, stealing and fraud will continue its presence in our society on a massive scale.