Czech authorities agreed to negotiations on Konev’s monument

Whoever sows the wind, reaps the storm

The Czech Foreign Ministry responded to the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation to negotiate the fate of the monument to Marshal of the Soviet Union Konev. Now the monument to Marshal is placed in a temporary storage, then it will be moved to the museum of history of the XX century, where everyone can see it. Representatives of the Czech authorities also reported that the memorials and burials of Soviet soldiers were kept in order, the municipalities took care of them, while in Russia the monuments to Czech heroes were not properly maintained. The monument to Marshal Konev was demolished in April this year by the Prague authorities.

Monument to Konev in Prague
Monument to Konev in Prague

The Russian authorities habitually are showing fury about the demolition of the monument to Marshal Konev, just as they do it every time in such cases. However, things usually do not go beyond words. And now the measures taken by the authorities of the Russian Federation are reduced to protests, negotiations and suggestions to buy the monument back. In response, the Russian authorities could demolish several monuments to Czechoslovak legionnaires. However, they will not do so, because Czechoslovak legionnaires are class close to the Russian elite.

Over the past thirty years, the Russian authorities have demolished enough monuments to outstanding Soviet leaders, for example, Dzerzhinsky. It is not today that the country has embarked on the path of desovetization. Monuments are being erected for war criminals, films are made that distort the historical truth. The guilt of the USSR in the execution of Polish troops in Katyn is widely propagated, despite the well-established guilt of the Nazis.

We see that the Russian authorities are not particularly different from their Czech partners. The outrage and anger of the power structures of the Russian Federation is caused by the interests of propaganda and an attempt to use the memory of the Great Patriotic War in their interests. The Russian leadership is forced to do so because it sees that the working masses of Russia do not like the blackening of the memory of the war. That is why the authorities, on the one hand, pompously celebrate the next anniversary of the Victory that they have nothing to do with, and on the other hand, they continue to gradually falsify history.