Deaths of workers at the construction site in Voronezh is investigated by Investigation Commitee

The developer declines to comment

At 19th of January at the construction site “Russky avangard”- company, owned by wealthy member member of local assembly and a wealthy businessman, two workers were found dead. Criminal case were instigated.

Both victims were citizens of Uzbekistan, aged 26 and 39 respectively. Their deaths were caused by bricks falling from the 13th floor. Investigation classified this as a case of manslaughter. Meanwhile, “Voronezh developer company” refused to comment on the matter, except stating that all information concerning the accident were given to authorities.

Стройка ЖК "Русский авангард"
Russky Avangard construction site

This company belongs to local oligarch and at the same time, member of local assembly, Maxim Hamin. “Russky avangard” is not the first project conducted by his company in the city. Such housing complexes as “Olimpiysky”, “Pyat stolitz”, “Pyat zvezd”, network of fitness clubs, shopping malls and number of small restaurants. Whenever governor of Voronezh region is discussing construction projects, Hamin stoods nearby.


At the same time, those who worked in his companies before, describing him as a petty tyrant, never caring about his employee’s needs, meddling with salaries, neglecting regulations of Labor code, covered by company’s lawyers. High rate of employees suicides was also mentioned.

It means, that deaths of workers at the construction site weren’t accidental but systemic, caused by exploitative, slave master-like attitude of Hamin to people who produce his wealth. This is a typical portrayal of “efficient owner”, capitalist that squeezes all lifeforce out of the obedient workers. Sometimes this nonviolence making situation even worse for a working class. Thus, in order to protect their health, improve working conditions, working people must unite to oppose arbitrariness of employers.