Degree of Confidence of Russians in Putin decreased by half

Currently, 35% of Russians trust President Vladimir Putin. The rating of the “leader of the nation” compared to September 2019 decreased by 4 percentage points. Vedomosti shared this data with Levada Center following a January survey. The president’s rating, according to earlier results, November 2017, was 59%, which is almost double the current rating by 24 percentage points.

Президент России Владимир Путин
Vladimir Putin

At the same time, some other government officials still continue to arouse the sympathy of Russians — for example, Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov only improved their indicators — from 13 to 19% and from 14 to 17% of support, respectively.

The level of confidence in former Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has traditionally been low and even dropped from 9 to 5%. The Russians also do not trust the new Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin: his level of trust is 3%.

Almost half of Russians — 39% — do not trust anyone at all.

«This is a very noticeable decrease. Moreover, this is an open question without prompting names, therefore it is more reliable», says Lev Gudkov, director of the Levada Center.

VTsIOM, unlike the Levada Center, uses a different methodology — experts ask citizens a closed-ended question whether they trust a specific policy. So, according to the latest VTsIOM data, 73.1% of Russians trust Vladimir Putin.

The President’s message to the Federal Assembly helped support Putin’s rating and even allowed him to grow by 2-3 percentage points, but words about strengthening the system of social support for citizens are not enough. The president’s rating in strategic considerations continues to fall.

The current situation in the country creates a negative background for strengthening the rating of the “national leader”. Banking debts of Russians continue to grow, solvency inevitably falls — in such circumstances, those in power consider it necessary to protect collectors from aggression by citizens of the country. In addition, there were rumors from within the power institutions about another increase of the retirement age.

A further decline in power ratings is expected to follow — and yet another populism from the President will not save Russia from the political crisis.