Despite restrictions, Aeroflot continues to carry people to other countries

Making profit stands above all else

Despite the ban on international air travel during the pandemic, Aeroflot continues to secretly transport people abroad. This was reported by the news agency «Vedomosti», citing sources.

Air travel continues
Air travel continues

“At least since the beginning of June, Aeroflot has been flying from Moscow to Frankfurt, Paris, London, New York, Seoul and Tel Aviv. First, the national carrier operated flights to these cities once a week, as it follows from the information in its reservation system. From the second week of summer, flights to all these cities, except the capitals of Israel and South Korea, began to be operated twice a week, and a weekly flight to Nice and two to Barcelona were added to the schedule,» the publication said.

This case is an excellent example of the fact that for the sake of profit capital is ready to violate any prohibitions. Even in the midst of thedeadly disease pandemic, capitalists, contrary to government instructions and common sense, continue to earn money, contributing to the worsening of the epidemiological situation.