Dmitry Medvedev’s Salary will remain the Same in his New Post

The Right Man in the Right Place

The salary of Dmitry Medvedev as Deputy Head of the Russian Federation Security Council will be in line with his earnings as Prime Minister. This was reported by RBC with reference to the portal of legal information.

Путин и Медведев
Putin and Medvedev

As it has been reported before, president Putin signed a decree that entered into force on January 16, according to which the monetary remuneration of the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council will be 618,713 rubles per month. In fact, this very position itself was created specifically for Medvedev.

The former Prime Minister described his first impressions in the new place as excellent. This is not surprising: after all, he lost nothing.

After the resignation of the government, many self-claimed “fighters for justice” kept saying that a victory was finally won over the culprit of all Russia’s economic troubles. But the events that followed could not help but cool this ardor.

Maintaining the same level of earnings only confirms the idea that Medvedev’s activity is valued as highly as before. After all, with his departure from the post of Prime Minister nothing has fundamentally changed and will not change. The new government reaffirmed the previous course on supporting large capital by increasing the exploitation of workers.

Therefore, the “long-awaited deposition of the villain” is out of the question. It was just that capital needed a reliable man, who had already proved his worth, in a new place. And, in our opinion, there is no reason to doubt that Medvedev will consistently promote his previous predatory policy in his new position.