Doctor advised patient to visit remains of Orthodox saint

Obscurantism on the rise

Yuri Belonenko, otolaringologist based in Sevastopol, advised his patient to complement his regular treatment with visiting remains of Orthodox saint in case if medical treatment won’t help.

Maybe, there was something reasonable in this proposal, giving the current state of public healthcare in our country. If the things will continue to deteriorate at such speed, people may have no other choice but to ask favors from remains, which become much easier with growing number of churches in our country.

What's in the box?
«What’s in the box?»

This event that took place in one of Sevastopol’s hospital shows, how deep religious obscurantism had taken root in Russia, thanks to the much effort done by government and Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). For example, ROC posesses it’s own TV channels, newspapers, magazines, has a representation and programs on a federal TV. Even president and prime-minister regularly visiting churches. It is only natural that in such environment significant part of society starts thinking in religious terms and pseudo-scientific categories.

Destruction of public healthcare system also plays its role: in situation, when doctors are unable to help the patients, thanks to glorious neoliberal policies of cutting healthcare budget, which negatively affects material conditions (lack of vital drugs, modern technical equipment, even qualified specialists), people become so desperate that sometimes they are driven to the only option left to them – seeking help from supernatural.