Duma passed new ”foreign agents” law against opposition media

Anyone can be recognized as a lawbreaker

Today, Russian state Duma had passed new “foreign agents” law in third reading almost unanimously. 311 out of 315 MP’s supported this law, while 4 others abstained from voting. Sergey Boyarsky, representative of Duma’s information policy committee described this law as “complex of mirroring measures”, which can be implemented as a response for any foreign country that may try ro silence Russian media. Author of this project is Mr Andrey Klishas, infamous for his initiatives targering citizens rights to express their opinions in Internet.

Андрей Клишас
Andrey Klishas – watchdog of capitalist Russia.

First “foreign agents” law targeting media resources was passed a month ago. This time, new amendments that vere passed recently will allow to label individuals as “foreign agents”. In order to be considered as such, sharing news in social media or commenting on them will be enough. Receiving money from abroad is another just cause for official labeling. This will allow authorities to label any criticism as the influence of foreign powers. Every citizen, officially recognised by authorities as “foreign agent” will be forced to obtain status of legal entity for cooperation with ministry of Justice and mark all his or hers materials as “made by foreign agent”.

Foreign agents

Such legislation initiatives are continuing to be inroduced by MP’s more and more often.

Every new law regarding distribution of information contains new means of censorship and control in our country. Every case of public criticism of government actions may lead to far reaching implications for the author. This is how statesmen are trying to suppress any discussion of society’s unadressed problems, caused by flawed social structure and current economic order. But they cannot understand, that dissent isn’t created in the Internet, it is just a place where such dissent can be shown. This dissent isn’t caused by the foreign spies, but by the actions of a capitalist ruling class that oppresses and exploits their own people.