Duma Speaker Called the Reason of the 90s Recession

New Accusations of the Soviet Government

State Duma Speaker Volodin said that Russia’s economic decline in the 1990s was caused by the Soviet regime’s policy towards the RSFSR and the Union republics. According to the speaker, Russia, during the USSR, fed the Union republics, including Ukraine and the Baltic states. The Russian people, according to Volodin, were not held in high esteem and respect. This statement was made by Volodin in response to Zyuganov’s (the leader of the Communist Russian Party) words about the necessity of introducing into the Constitution the state-forming role of the Russian people.

Vyacheslav Volodin

Mr. Volodin repeated the old tale, replicated by anti-Soviet nationalists. However, as objective data show, this myth is nothing more than a fake, invented in order to drive a wedge among the peoples of the USSR. At the same time, the Russian people were not enslaved or belittled in the USSR. Russian was the language of international communication in the USSR, and at that time it began to be widely used in the world. The working people of the Soviet Union have achieved outstanding success in all areas of human activity. In the Soviet country, workers of all nationalities felt like masters of their own country. Thanks to the strong friendship of the peoples, the working people of the USSR defeated the Nazis.

These days there is trumpeting about the so called “Russian world”, about the peculiarities of Russians, the working people of Russia, regardless of nationality, are in distress. The population of Russia is rapidly declining, free education is being liquidated, the healthcare system is going through one «pogrom» after another.

The bourgeoisie put a yoke on Russian workers. In order to divide the workers the rotten idea was invented to legitimize the “special” role of Russians in the Constitution. Dissociated workers will be even easier to deceive and exploit. The proposal was voiced by the leader of the party, that calls itself «communistic».

Workers do not need these maneuvers. They need to fight more actively for their interests, against chauvinism and oppression.