Elabuga will produce cars worth over 18 million

Сapitalists and workers have different problems

Executive class Aurus cars worth over 18 million rubles will be produced at the Ford Sollers plant in Yelabuga (Tatarstan), TASS reports citing Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov. The first production cars will be delivered to customers in March 2021.


Aurus is a Russian brand of executive cars. Since 2013, FSUE NAMI has commissioned the Ministry of Industry and Trade and has been working on the project “Unified Modular Platform” (also known as the “Tuple”), within the framework of which the car was created. Aurus special versions are used by the FSO for trips of the first persons of the state. To date, the car has received more than 700 pre-orders. It is planned to produce 360 cars in 2021, 1,724 in 2022, 4,030 in 2023, and 5,274 cars in 2024.

According to Denis Manturov, Russian President Vladimir Putin made recommendations regarding the technical work of the car.

«(Putin — Ed. Izvestia) always gives the right recommendations, which are quickly implemented, but, frankly, I haven’t been asked any questions for a long time, so everything works efficiently,» the Minister said on Russia channel 1.

It is quite obvious that the target audience here is not ordinary workers who need to transport potatoes from their summer cottages. Workers are now more interested in how to keep their jobs and feed their families.

These elite cars will be used by modern “heroes of capitalist labor” and other notorious persons. Indeed, it is very prestigious to have in your garage, among other elite «steel horses», the car that the President himself «blessed» and approved of.

Now, in the conditions of the crisis that has erupted, we are witnessing the proof that power and big capital always focus only on those who have money and even now they continue to surround themselves with luxurious things.

And when the market is saturated with this “Aurus” trinket, the owners of the enterprise will easily throw the workers who created this car for them and allowed them to cash in on the demand for luxury vehicles. They had already dealt with Ford Sollers workers in 2019 when they reported massive layoffs at factories in Naberezhnye Chelny, Vsevolozhsk and Yelabuga under a voluntary dismissal program.

Authorities from all the media urge us to show solidarity during the crisis. But, as you can see, capitalists and wage laborers have different interests. The bourgeoisie can be sad that their pearls are not big enough — but ordinary workers do not have enough money for food. And no rallying will change that. Someone must necessarily «step aside»: either luxury lovers or hired workers with their own requirements for a fair distribution of production products. There is no third option.