Every sixth Russian citizen does not have means for proper nutrition

Capital is not interested in real help to people

25 million citizens of the Russian Federation do not have the financial ability to eat in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Health. According to Vedomosti, Director General of Cherkizovo, the largest pork and poultry producer, Sergei Mikhailov, every sixth Russian consumes no more than 50 kg of meat per year, compared to 73 kg that are required, according to the Ministry of Health.

Food prices are growing
Food prices are growing

These words are indirectly confirmed by statistics: Rosstat reports a decrease in food costs in April 2020 by 9.3%.

Such a tendency for socially unprotected groups will only grow, since citizens who are left without earnings are forced to tighten their belts more and more — and this is considering the fact that they did not manage to recover from the continuing decline in living standards over the past 5 years.

Mikhailov believes that targeted food aid, a one-time share of money distribution, and indexation of salaries and pensions could correct the situation. According to the Cherkizovo top manager, such measures to stimulate buying activity for agricultural producers, mostly tied to foreign currency, would be more effective than direct support from the state.

But, in our opinion, this is hardly capable of somehow rectifying the situation with sufficient nutrition of Russians. After all, the aid package announced by the government in April covers only 2.2% of the money lost by citizens. And May injections of 250.3 billion rubles «close the hole in their wallets» by a miserable 1.6%.

Therefore, the above measures of one-time support can only somehow keep afloat small and medium-sized producers, increasing the purchasing ability of citizens for a short time.

In a crisis, the state provides real support only to its beneficiaries — large capital. Business representatives will think about people only when their inability to pay will threaten the existence of enterprises.