Families with children will receive 10,000 rubles

Another pitiful «charity» handout

During another televised address to the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that families with children under 16 can receive a re-payment of 10 thousand rubles for each child. About 270 billion rubles will be allocated for these purposes.

Children in poverty
Children in poverty

Such actions of the authorities are caused by the following factors. Voting on Constitution Amendments will take place in the coming days and the authorities must make the need in adoption of the amendments look as convincing as possible. Payments create the appearance of state concern for the people. It is necessary to convince the population, since the authority of the government has seriously shaken in the eyes of the country’s population after raising the retirement age, and the crisis has further reduced people’s trust. The growth of dissatisfaction can lead to mass protests. In these conditions, the authorities are trying to mitigate the situation with such handouts.

Of course, for many families, even such an amount is a serious help. However, in the context of the ongoing large-scale crisis, these funds are only a drop in the bucket, they will not lead to a serious increase in the family budget. Moreover, with such crumbs from the lordly table the authorities insignificantly compensate for the funds that they had previously removed from the pocket of the workers by raising the retirement age and VAT to 20%.

However, we see from this example that the state, even with a slight threat of unrest, takes certain measures to support the population. If the protests take place in reality and will be widespread, then the authorities will make more serious concessions which will not be limited to minor handouts. Then it will be possible to achieve the abolition of pension reform, like the French did.