Gas storage facility exploded in Kazan

A worker died again

In an onshore gas storage facility located in Kazan, an explosion of liquefied gas occurred. According to a source from RIA Novosti, in emergency services involved in the liquidation of the consequences of the incident, one person was killed and three were injured.

The explosion at the gas storage facility
The explosion at the gas storage facility

The fire occurred at the gas distribution station of Gazprom Liquefied Gas LLC. There was a threat of fire spreading to other tanks. Representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported flaring: a column of fire at the scene reached 50 meters in height. The fire was localized by noon on June 13.

The Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case on violation of safety rules at hazardous facilities (Article 217 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

And again, due to negligence, the workers suffer. There is no guarantee that tomorrow someone’s husband, father or brother will not end up in a similar situation when the employer saved money on the equipment that just could not take it any more. Big bosses never turn out to be responsible for such failures.

No one asked questions to oligarch Vladimir Potanin when the largest environmental disaster in recent years occurred on Norilsk Nickel: oil products ended up in a river flowing near the structures. Despite the fact that the oligarch assured that Norilsk Nickel is liquidating the consequences of the accident, there is no doubt that even the Head of the state has no doubts about the negligence.

“If they had changed it in a timely manner (fuel tank. — Ed.), there would have been no environmental damage, and such expenses would not have been borne by the company. Just look at it in the most attentive way inside the company,” Vladimir Putin spoke conciliatoryly.

In Norilsk Nickel they found the «guilty guy» — the worker who will answer for the ecological disaster «with his own head».

Nornikel oil spill
Nornikel oil spill

It is not very common to talk about job security in Russia. Meanwhile, on June 12, in St. Petersburg, during the dismantling of the Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex, a worker was crushed by a concrete pile. An accident?

How many accidents should there be so that we realize that capital will not care about our security?