Generation of born between 80s and 90s are very likely to get in an early grave

Capitalism kills

Russian citizens, born between 1981-1996 are doomed for an early grave. Accoring to Galina Dehtyar, professor of management and services in RAA&SS, this was caused by hardships that fell upon Russian society in 90s. During this time, absolute majority of people were suffering from malnutrition and multiple stress factors. Of course, it had a big impact on minors. Crisis of 90s gave us not only immediate and evident immiseration and extreme rates of dying comparable only with the harshest years of Great Patriotic War, but delayed impacts of this catastrophe will haunt post-Soviet society for decades to come. Hunger and stresses of 90s delivered a huge blow to the health of minors.

But this crisis didn’t came from nowhere, it was direct consequence of counter-revolution in 1991-1993, which reintroduced capitalism. Destruction of remains of Soviet system, establishing of capitalism in Russia lead to collapse of universal and free healthcare. All Russian citizens are suffering from it, including millenials.

Besides, counter-revolution brought massive impoverishing and immiseration of working class, which continues to this day. Nullification of Soviet citizens’ personal savings, followed by devaluation of ruble and multiple defaults – these are such a few examples of theft conducted by capitalist government of Russia! Latest initiatives like increase of retirement age negatively impacts on welfare of fellow countrymen. Adding various new taxes only increases the burden.

As we can see clearly now, capitalism is opposing interests of working class by design. Knowing the fact, that absolute majority of people belong to this class, that means such system is threatening society as a whole. So, it is in our, working men and women’s best interests to put an end to this rotten and oppressive system.