Halamart is cutting third of staff

The economic crisis is getting worse

In Russia, due to the economic crisis and the coronavirus pandemic, staff reductions in a number of companies continue. So recently it became known that the Halamart federal franchised retail network in Yekaterinburg is reducing staff by 30%. The reductions are connected with the financial losses of the store.

Halamart is cutting a third of its staff
Halamart is cutting a third of its staff

«Naturally, the business begins to optimize costs. The reduction, as a rule, occurs either by agreement of the parties, or through the employee’s resignation. The reduction affected both employees of offices and trading floors,” the source explained.

The problems caused by the economic crisis in Russia continue to worsen. Measures taken by the state to support citizens and businesses can only provide very short-term help. Only two weeks of the declared «holiday time» have passed, and the panic among small businesses have already reached unprecedented heights. Ordinary employees are no less affected. Someone was more fortunate, and they saved the job and get paid. Others were less fortunate and now they are replenishing the army of the unemployed, which will only grow over time. Capitalism was powerless before the economic crisis, and the virus only intensified these difficulties.