Half of all employees risk losing their jobs

The poor get poorer

Approximately half of working Russians in the near future will be at risk of dismissal or loss of part of their earnings. This conclusion was reached by experts of the RANEPA. The most vulnerable sectors include communications, transportation, catering. At the same time, workers in other sectors of the economy also risk losing their jobs or part of their earnings. The most vulnerable are workers under the age of 30 and, in addition, women.

Unemployment in Russia
Unemployment in Russia

As always in such situations, we see that the most sensitive group is workers, and their situation during crises worsens significantly. It is the working people who bear the brunt of the crises; it is precisely at their expense that the problems of capitalism are solved. During a period of economic decline, it is the working people who lose their jobs, and it is they who have their salaries cut. When an epidemic occurs, the working people fight against the disease, support life in cities and villages, and work in factories without personal protective equipment.

Shareholders, stock brokers, capitalists do nothing to support citizens, but they survive crises without much difficulty, shifting the severity of the disaster to the shoulders of workers. Often, capitalists are well enriched during various crises, epidemics, and wars. The current crisis and epidemic were no exception: the combined fortunes of American billionaires during the pandemic grew by $ 565 billion. Russian billionaires do not differ much from them: the Russian big bourgeoisie became richer during the pandemic by $ 62 billion.

Thus, the working people, creating all the benefits, are forced to survive, to look for new jobs. At the same time, capitalists earn super-profits and enrich themselves regardless of whether there is a crisis or not. This state of affairs is characteristic of capitalism, and it will not change as long as capitalism exists. Now, when the powerlessness of capitalism is already visible in solving the problems that humanity faces, when the general crisis of the capitalist system has come, it is the working people who can decide the fate of capitalism.