Hundreds of inhabitants of Kungur left without heating

Another communal accident

Hundreds of citizens of Kungur, Perm region were left without heating during harsh Russian winter. According to metrorological data, average temperature in a city had reached below -20C. This is not the first such accident during current season. Almost 50 houses suffered from the same accident a week before. As “Permenergosbyt”ACS claims, those accidents are caused by severe deterioration of heating lines, and before they were put in charge for maintenance of the communications, lines were in bad condition.

Авария на теплотрассе

Such accidents are nothing new in Russia. Partially, such deterioration was caused by neoliberal reforms in housing and public utilities sphere, when most of infrastructure were contracted out to the private businesses, which first and foremost concerned with getting maximum profit with minimal effort. Such measures lead to rise of prices payed by consumers and at the same time with significant drop in quality of service.
Besides, Russian authorities continiously underfinancing some vital facilities, which inevitably results in deterioration of their structures.

Again we can see for ourselves that all those tales that we hear from capitalist propaganda machine, day and night praising so-called “efficient owners and managers” that doing their best to make our economy stronger and lives better, are complete noncence. The only craft in what they are truly “efficient” in, is squeezing money out of people’s pocket, and making huge wealth for themselves out of unpaid labour. As for providing society with facilities they need in order to function properly, no signs of “efficiency” can be found.

Such order will prevail in Russia while capitalist system exist here. Indeed, workers can organise themselves for fighting for a better conditions, and force capitalist to make concessions, and such struggle is necessary, because: 1) it makes lives of working class better and, 2) is vital part, that opens the possibility of fighting (and winning) bigger battles. Radical change in housing and public facilities sphere is only possible after dismantling of current socioeconomic and political system in Russia, when working class will take the power back from counterrevolutionary forces.