In 2019 property of debtors for 267 billion rubles got seized

Loan Slavery News

The Federal Bailiff Service published statistics on the seizures of property of Russians who owe money to creditors. The percentage of mandatory payments by citizens is also growing and real incomes of the population have been falling for a number of years.

Loan slavery
Loan slavery

The seized property is sold through the website of the Federal Property Management Agency, and the proceeds go to creditors to pay the debt. So, in 2019, bailiffs seized property of debtors in the amount of 267.5 billion rubles, and sold in the amount of 15 billion, which is 3 billion more than in 2018. This indicator suggests that the number of citizens who have neither cash nor money in bank accounts to pay off the loan is growing.

Do not regard the arrest of property as a punishment. This is just the way and the only measure to resolve a debt conflict. If the debtor has neither money nor property, then the process of bankruptcy of an individual starts. If a citizen is declared bankrupt, the debt is written off and the case is closed,” said State Duma deputy Anatoly Vyborny.

Probably, Mr. Vyborny, who so easily argues about bankruptcy of citizens, is not aware that in 2018 loans accounted for 9.6% of the obligatory payments of Russians, and 5% of household incomes accounted for housing and communal services and taxes (14.6% in total), and in 2019 these indicators looked as follows — 10.4 and 4.9%, respectively, that is, 15.3% in total. Russians had to pay 9.3 trillion rubles, which is 10% more than in 2018.

The rise in cost of living with the stagnation of real incomes is forcing people to take loans not only for apartments, cars and household appliances, but also for medicines in the pharmacy and for their children’s school education. Analysts have long been talking about the impending explosion of the problem of the debt load of the population, and we see that it is approaching inexorably. The apologists for liberalism often attribute to the Communists the desire to rob people of their personal property: an apartment, a car, expensive things. However, the reality is quite the opposite: by shackling the workers in the invisible shackles of credit slavery, the capitalists in broad daylight take the last resources ​​from their homes.