In Kurgan region Women are sent to give Birth 150 kilometers from Home

Healthcare Optimization Results

Residents of Shadrinsk, Kurgan region, reported that many women are sent to give birth in the regional center — Kurgan, located 150 kilometers from Shadrinsk. Many women would like to give birth in their own town. The Department of Health in response to this reported that the maternity hospital is operating normally, and patients at risk of severe pathology receive referrals to the regional perinatal center. At the same time, there are not enough specialists in Shadrinsk: now there are two obstetrician-gynecologists working in the town maternity hospital.

Развал медицины
The collapse of the medical sphere

One of the most important components of the optimization in Russian medicine is the enlargement of medical facilities. This is done in approximately the following way: a big new hospital is built in the regional center, while region town resuscitation and surgical departments get closed down, so regional town hospitals essentially turn into paramedic stations. As a result, patients often have to travel hundreds of kilometers in order to undergo the necessary examination.

Maternity hospitals are just in the same situation. Instead of equipping and expanding regional town maternity hospitals, the authorities create a large perinatal center in the regional center which is provided with modern equipment. Naturally, building and running one single center is easier than providing all maternity hospitals with the good equipment. As a result, the town with a population of 75 thousand people has two obstetrician-gynecologists.

This state of affairs does not at all contribute to raising the birth rate, and the matter here cannot be corrected by any maternal capital. To improve the demographic situation, it is necessary to massively build new hospitals, provide them with the most modern equipment. It is necessary to increase the availability of medicine for the population, to improve its quality in the province. However, this will require large investments, which runs counter to the interests of the bourgeois authorities, aimed at reducing costs, saving on the interests of workers.