In Russia salaries are falling

Massive impoverishment

In the first quarter of this year, salaries in Russia fell by an average of 1.8%. Salaries are falling while prices, including prices for food and other basic necessities, keep rising.

The worker struggle
The worker struggle

Thus, we see a avalanche decline in the incomes of Russians. Given the already 6 years of falling incomes, this practically means impoverishment of the majority of the population. In addition, such a landslide fall marks the beginning of the crisis that began even before the epidemic. Now the epidemic will lead to its further deepening and even bigger impoverishment of the working people, many of them have already lost their jobs. If we take into account the fact that almost 60% of the population do not have savings, then for the majority this will result in loss of property and, in fact, hunger.

Under these conditions, the working people have no choice but to fight, otherwise they risk losing whatever little they have left. Obviously, the bourgeoisie will try to compensate for the losses from the crisis at the expense of the working people. Workers must actively take away from the bourgeoisie any desire to solve their problems this way. However, success will be achieved only if people organize collective struggle, both at their work places and throughout Russia. We see that the working people of other countries are actively fighting for their rights, for their interests and are victorious in this struggle. Russian workers need to take an example from their class brothers from other countries.