In southern part of Ural region strike of paramedics was prevented

“We came to negotiate”

After meeting with working group, sent by Ministry of healthcare, paramedics of Kyzyl district decided not conducting an italian strike.

Магнитогорская скорая

At first, they’ve planned to start strike as a response for introduction of new system of payment, which results in decrease of monthly salary.

Ministry of healthcare delegation came to negotiate with medics and clarify to them new policy of the ministry. They were complaining that ministry’s servants salary budget are suffering from lack of funds, and they succeeded in persuasion of medics, that will not achieve their goals completely, and they only hope for small 10% raises of main part of salary in collective contract for 2020.

It means, that Kyzyl medics completely lost. They not only agreed to receive less than before, and they gave up strike, believing blatant lies from officials. Less than a month ago Kremlin spokesman told to media, that government posesses sufficient funds to solve any problems in healthcare,and they are willing to spend them.

This is yet another example of government policy to cut public spending. This ruling class is not interested in having strong and healthy citizens, they need cheap labor. The only way for civil servants to survive in this situation is to fight back. Organising into unions, conducting strikes, carving out better conditions for themselves from authorities. There is no middle ground there.