In the Czech capital a monument to Marshal Konev was demolished

Another anti-communist trick

In Prague, on April 3, the city municipality demolished the monument to Soviet Marshal Konev, under whose command the troops of the 1st Ukrainian Front liberated Prague on May 9, 1945. The Monument was erected in 1980 to mark the 35th anniversary of the liberation of Prague. The demolition of the monument caused a heated discussion in social networks, veteran organizations and representatives of the Czech public community protested against the decision. The Russian Foreign Ministry called the demolition outrageous.

The Monument to Marshal Konev
The Monument to Marshal Konev

In many countries, in the past 30 years, the authorities have been waging war against the past, fighting the “Soviet occupation”. Recently, the Russian authorities have especially often expressed protests and indignation in this regard, pretending that they are trying to defend the historical truth. At the same time, however, no one has done so much to distort the historical truth as the Russian authorities over the past 30 years. In history textbooks, in fiction, in the media, the point of view is instilled on the victory in the war, as won by the people contrary to the Soviet leadership. During the Moment of Silence, victims of the Stalinist regime are often mentioned in memory of the victims of the war, i.e. implicitly a line is being made to equalize the USSR and Nazi Germany.

Such behavior of the Russian authorities and the authorities of other countries is understandable. The Soviet power and socialism are their blood enemies. Therefore, all their forces are aimed at their denigration, therefore, decommunization and desovetization is carried out everywhere, including Russia. Moreover, the anger of the Russian authorities at the demolition of monuments in other countries is explained by the following. Firstly, this is a convenient way to distract the attention of citizens of the country from the situation inside the country, including similar actions by the Russian authorities. Secondly, the authorities of other countries stage a whole anti-Soviet theater performance and escalate the anti-Russian hysteria with every demolition campaign. Naturally, the modern Russian authorities do not really like that.

Thus, the falsification of history, the distortion of the role of the USSR in World War II is now quite a natural phenomenon for all capitalist countries, including Russia.