In the Urals number of utility non-payments is growing

Effective managers are again ineffective

In the Urals, the collection of payments for housing services has decreased. The reasons for the decline was the beginning of the crisis and the isolation of people due to the epidemic of coronavirus. According to experts, this can lead to the collapse of the entire industry, which is already underfunded and is in decline. Some companies have already begun to recount budgets for summer repair campaigns, as they are faced with a lack of funds.

Fewer and fewer people are able to cover their monthly expenses
Fewer and fewer people are able to cover their monthly expenses

The result of the housing and communal services reform in Russia was a sharp deterioration in this sector. The poor condition of networks, dirt in yards and at residence building entrances, constant accidents at housing and utilities facilities have now become the norm. At the same time, the industry has become a good source of enrichment for business people and all kinds of fraudsters who make huge capital on this.

The crisis and the coronavirus situation became a strength test of the entire system, and the result will show how effective the created system is. Judging by the statements of experts, the new housing and communal services system that is not very effective even under normal conditions may fail to pass this strength test, which will entail many disasters for people.

Thus, we once again see that, contrary to the assurances of the bourgeois oracles, the capitalist system cannot brag about too much efficiency and reliability.