Judge of the Constitutional Court calls the USSR «illegally created state»

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Judge of the Constitutional Court Konstantin Aranovsky said that the Russian Federation is not the legal successor of the illegally created USSR, whose guilt of repressive acts and other crimes, since the dispersal of the Constituent Assembly, is immense. The Soviet government, according to the judge, is «an illegal party-state power formation». Dmitry Peskov, President’s Spokesman, noted that this is a private opinion of the judge, while Russia is the de jure and de facto successor of the Soviet Union.

Константин Арановский судья КС РФ
Judge Konstantin Aranovsky

The opinion of an official, a member of one of the highest authorities of Russia, expressed officially, cannot be private. Of course, this opinion is not entirely convenient for the modern Russian authorities, despite the anti-Soviet policies they pursue.

The fact is that Russia, calling itself the successor of the USSR, is a full member in various international organizations, the most important of which is the UN — Russia is a permanent member of the UN Security Council and has the right to veto.

If the state refuses to recognize itself as the successor of the USSR, the international alignment of forces may not change in its favor. In this case, the question will arise about the ownership of a number of territories annexed by the «criminal» USSR, for example, the Kaliningrad region, the Kuril Islands, Karelia.

The judge’s statement should also not be taken as accidental. The Russian bourgeoisie seeks to consolidate its achievements and power. The example of the world’s first socialist state is attractive enough for the working people, therefore the bourgeoisie makes great efforts to discredit the Soviet state by pursuing a policy of desovietization.

Aranovsky’s statement is, on one hand, a test for monitoring and studying the moods in society, and on the other hand, it’s another way of influencing public consciousness.

The Russian government continues to follow the path of desovetization and anti-communism, leaning more and more to the right. Over time, the bourgeoisie will drop all conventions and establish an open dictatorship — it will no longer have to hide behind democratic norms, reckon with the interests of workers and the norms of international law. Then the status of the successor to the Soviet Union of Russia will be useless.