Karelia increased Labour Veteran Payments by 21 rubles

No noticeable increase, much unavoidable humiliation

The Committee on Health and Social Policy of the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Karelia recommended adopting amendments to relevant laws and raising the amount of the monthly payment to labor veterans by 21 rubles. This is the first case of indexation of payments for 11 years.

Заксобрание Карелии повысит выплаты ветеранам на 21 рубль
The joy of indexation

A Veteran of Labor is an honorary title. Its owner has the right to draw up various benefits, as well as receive cash payments. In order for a citizen to be recognized as a veteran of labor, their minimum length of service must be 25 years and they must have state or departmental awards. In Karelia, the amount of payments to labor veterans since 2008 has been 700 rubles. In 2020, the head of Karelia Artur Parfenchikov, on behalf of the republican authorities, decided to raise their size by 21 rubles to labor veterans and 23 rubles to victims of political repressions. The generosity of Mr. Parfenchikov truly knows no boundaries, especially since in December he himself increased his salary from six to six and a half salaries and did not forget about other officials. Thus, supporting the head of the republic costs the budget 4.4 million rubles.

In response to the public outcry, the Minister of Social Protection of Karelia Olga Sokolova stated that the task of the bill is to create a mechanism for indexing:

The goal today is to establish an indexation mechanism, as stated in a decision of the Constitutional Court.

Apparently, the mechanism for indexing bureaucratic salaries is so fundamentally different that it is not possible for Minister Sokolova to use it with respect to labor veterans.

In general, the situation does not look so extraordinary. We have written about the case of a pension payment increase by 1 ruble, and how officials care about the size of their pensions. This mockery of the state over its citizens keeps happening because of the habit of impunity. The most innocuous protest will be dispersed, and there are less and less legal means for citizens to protect themselves from such sad jokes of the government.