Khabarovsk transport department had bought used tracks instead of new

Indicative ordinary case

In Khabarovsk criminal case was instigated after revealing of financial fraud. According to “Izvestia”, in 2017 “Train communications department” received 7mln rubles, for purchasing new tracks. In 2018 tracks were bought and changed.

But after prosecutor’s commision checked the papers, it turned out that used tracks were bought and installed, while contract documentation described them as brand new.
After commission report a decision was made to continue investigation and institution of criminal proceedings

Нажива за счет народа

Of course, it is good to hear news about criminals caught red-handed and getting what they deserve. Maybe they even recovery claims will be satisfied, who knows.

But at the same time we have to point out, that such news became so ordinary in our realities. It is also a great illustration of decadance and malfunctoning of Russian state. Economic system that exists in our country encourages personal enrichment by any means, including criminal activities. Everyone who can get their hands at budget money is trying to use any opportunity to steal something for themselves, meanwhile state isn’t doing enough to root out corruption. When some of oligarchs are questioned about their illicit deals, instead of investigating into affair, statesemen prefer to turn a blind eye and divert society’s attention at something else. Their loud statements more and more look like a farce

Clearly, cosmetic steps would change nothing, this mess must be dealt with radical approach.