Kiselev blames rise of dissent and protests on human sciences students

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Infamous Russian media pundit Dmitry Kiselev blamed rise of dissent and political protest in society on increasing number of human sciences students. According to Kiselev, education process in Russian universities is not exhaustive enough, if some students have time to participate in various forms of activism and other «noncence». He also compared current situation in Russia with pre-Arab spring Tunisia. He stated, that Arab spring started because many Tunisian students received free high education in France and were not willing to join working class on their return back home.

It is clear that Russian authorities are worried about change of attitude of their policies and so-called «reforms» in society. Huge masses of working people are starting gradually waking up. For many of them 2018 became a turning point, when government approved highly unpopular bill raising retirement ages by five years, which in turn provoked wave of disapproval from all generations – from youth to elderly.

Mass protests at Tverskaya st., Moscow

Full-scale propaganda campaign, in which President Putin also took part, was not able to change public opinion. Moreover, shortly after announcement of renewed retirement legislation, healthcare workers started strike campaigns throughout the country, which at first took authorities off guard completely.

Another protest — against construction of church in a public park in the center of Yekaterinburg, in which participated many young men and women, most of them were students, was also unexpected. Students in Russia are coming from all social segments, and majority of them have a working class background. It is natural, that government concerned of rise of dissent among students, representing big part of educated populace. Official propaganda blames labels the people participating in protest as «lazy, having a lot of spare time on their hands, unwilling to work and study hard» etc. At the same time, these media stooges sending a subtle message to the audience, that educated people are dangerous and mass higher education system is root of all evil in our country.
Indeed, educated people pose a threat for ruling class, because it is much easier to manipulate if masses are uneducated and superstitious.

It is natural that human sciences students were chosen by Kiselev as a scapegoats, because such education gives people power to resist its policies. For example, a working man who received a degree in law cannot be easily tricked by unscrupulous and exploitative employer, and the one with understanding of history will be less prone to blatant anti-communist propaganda and fake news.
Now we can see the emergence of people’s movement, working class movement, that this state will try to quell by any means necessary. Official state propaganda justifies police violence and repressions against dissenters, portraying them as «overeducated lazy slackers». At the same time, it can also mean that authorities trying to prepare public opinion for spending cuts on education, which in turn will make it harder for ordinary people to receive free education, creating so-called pay gap, which will significantly slow social mobility and serve for a ruling class as a tool of conservation of wealth and power in the hands of a few.