Leader of Tyva region threatened Russian oligarch with suing his company for rise of coal prices

Social responsibility of business in practice

Leader of Tyva region Sholban Kara-ool threatened Russian oligarch Deripaska with suing in case if his company will not lower coal purchase prices for public sector of Tyva. Local “Tyva mining company” is owned by Deripaska.

“I have a document where clearly stated that Tyva mining company sells our coal for 1.7k rubles per ton. If he will try to sell it for public sector at 3k per ton, we have all rights to sue the company because it violates current legislation” – stated Kara-ool.

Шолбан Кара-оол

This information can be verified at public procurement site.

At the same time, Kara-ool described Oleg Deripaska as “respected enterpreneur” an one of the most effective Russian businessmen. He also stressed, that he won’t back down in this matter.


But there is no guarantee that oligarch will listen. If forced to make concessions that will affect profits negatively, he may complete his operation and close the company, throwing out thousands of people from jobs.

Such hopes for “social responsibility” from big corporations puts whole society at the mercy of few wealthy individuals, bringing complete disempowerment. Under capitalism, no politician will come to help working people if business is unwilling to make concessions. Only by conscious choice to organise in order to protect their own interests, working people can make a difference, especially when such necessity is at stake, as heating of their houses.