Loans for purchase of drugs are now available for Russians

Yet another tool for squeezing profits from impoverished nation

Pharmaceutical retail company “Samson-pharma” in cooperation with MTS-bank had started new service of pos-loans in drugstores. Its primary target are people in desperate need for a course of treatment with expensive drugs.

According to “Yat’” newspaper, customers are allowed to borrow a loan for bying drugs for a sum from 3 to 300 thousand roubles, with maturity of the loan terms varies from 3 months to one year with 23% yearly rate. About 70 of drugstores in Moscow introduced this program.


The efficiency of this offer will be analysed in the coming year, but “Ercafarm company”, (financial director of which, Mrs Armine Danielyan is also CEO of “Samson-pharma”) already planning to introduce pos-loans in one of their drugstore retail networks that posesses various expensive drugs.

Introduction of such initiative sis directly linked with impoverishing of vast majority of Russians and decline of their buying power. Some polls stated that every 10th russian citizen cannot afford to buy drugs, and situation is only worsening because of continious rise of prices for vital drugs.

As DSM group report states, rate of drugs retail sales decreased at 1.5%. “Samson-pharma” representatives expecting rise of profits in 2020 after introduction of such loans for 5-10%, which may be considered as a significant result in spite of stagnating situation on pharmaceutical market.

As we can see, businessmen and bankers use every opportunity to squeeze money from immiserated citizens. Dramatic rise of debt burden on society already negatively affects quality of lives and will continue to do so in the long run, but capitalists couldn’t care less about it. And their propaganda machine claims that living in a debt is cool and normal. Members of a ruling class are doing nothing to eradicate poverty that forces people to take loans in the first place. In fact, they only benefit from this situation.

Such is nature of the current economic order in our country and worldwide, when absolute minority grows richer at the expense of absolute majority. The only way to stop it lies in radical change.