Management of “Magnit” retail giant refused to negotiate with trade union

Workers facing blatant violation of labor conditions

According to “Thunder Murmansk” LC offiicial statement that management of the company sees no need to meet with representatives of “Magnit” retail giant workers trade union in Murmansk. Instead, chairman of the union along with his deputy were notified of being fired.

Организация в профсоюз - первый шаг на пути отстаивания собственных интересов
Organising in the union is the first step to protect your interests

According to Denis Shafen, chairman of local trade union organisation at LC “Thunder” in Murmansk, company violates labor legislation on a daily basis.

Here, in the North, “Thunder” violates Labour Code on a daily basis, we have many proofs of that. If there were no such cases, we wouldn’t have to create the union in the first place. They’ve stopped to pay for work overtime. Officialy, we are working 136 hours per month, but in reality is more like 180-200 hours, yet they receive no compensation for this. Salary here is around 16-20k roubles, which is lesser than region’s average. Instead of fixing these problems, the’ve fired me and my deputy – told Denis to “Solidarity

In order to somehow change the situation, Denis and his colleagues had sent a letter to a company’s management, inviting them for meeting to discuss a solution. Their answer was clear – next day after receiving the invitation, company sent union leaders notification of being fired from 19th of December. After month had passed, director of the local branch of the company Alexander Sviridov gave official reply, which stated

To this date, “Thunder” LC sees no need in conducting collective negotiations

This is not the first time Denis Shafen suffers a blow from the “Thunder” LC. He was fired in March, but was reinstated due to court regulation, and he is willing to go to court again.

Such accidents is a clear depiction of attitude of capitaliss fat cats towards labor conditions of ordinary workers. They don’t care about people, that their workers have a families to provide for, for them it is just profit and loss calculation. More spending on worker’s salaries means lesser profits, and it is not in their interests.

Denis Shafen and his colleagues took the right approach to solving this problem, that only through unity and struggle of working people we can get rid of injustice, imposed on us. Only if you are many, united and have understanding of your own interests, you have the opportunity to stop capitalist mayhem.