Miners of Kemerovo region demanding their wages

More miners must join the protests, if they want to succeed

Workers of “Oktyabrsky” mine belonging to “Polysaevskaya Coal Company” (Kemerovo region) refusing to work due to salary arrears.

Since September, company’s debt in workers salaries estimated at 13mln roubles.

Management claims, that this was caused by “bad situation” in the industry and falling prices on coal.

For now, strike wasn’t announced, but some workers used their right to abstain from work if salary payments were delayed for more than 15 days, by notifying employer in a written form.

According to Sergey Pakhomov, representative of Kemerovo region Professional Union Federation, only 63 out of 1023 workers realised their aforementioned right. Such small number means no threat for company’s operation and unable to force capitalists to pay workers their salaries. Meanwhile, union continues talks with administration on finding solution.

Mr Pakhomov is right here. When only a small part of collective protest, it will not lead to any result. On a contrary, this may put striking workers in danger of being fired by vengeful employer. The more people involved in protest action – the better.

Meanwhile, fellow Ukranian miners also fighting for their wages now. But owners of Ukranian company had lead their enterprise to bankrupcy, and miners may say goodbye for their hard earned money, which gives their Russian colleagues something to think about.