Ministry of Justice recorded Boom in Party Building

Masquerade preparations have begun

A few days ago, we already wrote about the creation of a new political party, “For Truth,” led by writer Zakhar Prilepin. As it turned out, this event is only a link in the whole string of party surge. The Ministry of Justice reports that over the past year, nearly forty organizational committees have been registered to establish new political parties.

Карикатура: учредительное собрание новой партии
«There is no better candidate in the forest than Mr Wolf!»

In 2021, the next elections to the State Duma will be held in our country. At the same time, all kinds of sociological polls and observations of the previous elections show a sharp drop of Russians’ trust in the election institution, as such. One of the reasons for this phenomenon is the participation of «boring» parties that citizens respect less and less. A possible way out of this situation is the admission to the electoral masquerade of a wide range of parties that will return the population’s interest and bring the electorate necessary for the legitimate elections. It is no coincidence that in December 2019, «Vedomosti» sources, that are close to the presidential administration, reported that the Kremlin was discussing the idea of ​​allowing a large number of small parties to enter the 2021 elections.

The Head of Social, Economic and Political Studies Institute, Dmitry Badovsky, expresses the following opinion:

Now the left-populist niche with the values of redistributive justice is not occupied yet, and many registered opposition parties are trying to integrate into it. New parties will strive there, but it is clear that there will not be enough space for everyone. Party development is also a large project that requires quite a budget for registration and media promotion.

Игра по правилам шулера
The cheating game

Certainly, not all organizational campaigns will succeed. Most likely, a positive outcome is practically a foregone conclusion for those parties whose creation has been agreed upon with the country’s top leadership. The script for the next elective performance has already been written, there is a selection of actors for secondary roles. In this situation, workers should not forget that dropping a ballot paper in a box every now and then is the worst option for a political struggle for their fundamental interests. Only the working class itself, led by its vanguard, united in a party, is capable of carrying out decisive transformations in society.