Minnesota is conducting general mobilization of National Guard troops

The contradictions that are shaking the center of world capitalism

In the US state of Minnesota, for the first time in history, a complete mobilization of troops of the National Guard is underway. About this, with a reference to the broadcast of NBC News, RIA Novosti informs. At the broadcast, the state governor, Tim Walz, said that the mobilization was due to riots caused by the death of African-American George Floyd.

The American National Guard
The American National Guard

“I instruct (Major General) Jenson to fully mobilize the National Guard. This is the measure that was never taken before, in the entire 164 years of history of the Minnesota National Guard», RIA quoted Waltz’s words from the press conference.

The Associated Press reported citing sources that the Pentagon had ordered the army to alert American military police units for deployment in Minneapolis.

The protests in Minneapolis and several other towns flared up after the incident ended up in the killing of an unarmed African American by the police. In the video that showed up a couple of days ago on the Internet, one can clearly see how the police officer strangles the black handcuffed man with his knee for several minutes. Floyd repeats several times that he can’t breathe, and the passers-by who are filming the incident are trying to draw the attention of the officers to that fact.

Since the riots have begun, four policemen were fired, and one of them was accused of negligence. Now the world as a whole and American society in particular are desperately trying to prove to themselves that «Black lives matter», but at the same time it looks like their attempt to «drown» their own century-old blindness in a hysterical protest, replacing for many decades the problems of the class with the problems of gender, race or county.