More than half of Russians speaking in favor of radical change

The question is – who will translate them into reality?

Accorting to latest research of public opinion made together by Levada-center and Moscow Carnegie center, proportion of Russians speaking in favor of radical change in a country greatly increased from 42 to 59%. Moreover, 53% of respondents admit, that those positive shifts can be only implemented with serious change of current political system. Share of people that doesn’t want any changes made about 8%.

Obviously, this serious shift of attitude is caused by people’s observations of their daily lives. Sizeable loss in household wealth, continious decline of wages for the last six years, increase of retirement age, education and welfare deprived from government spending – all these things combined cause righteous anger and protest, and create idea of necessity to bring change, because without the change, things can get worse.

Rise of dissent and resentment can be seen not only in public polls, but also in latest news: protests against increasing of retirement age, building of the churches, strikes of healthcare workers, etc. Of course, Russian authorities couldn’t help but noticed these change of public attitude, and started to consider new strategy to supress the unrest. Level of police brutality against political protesters has increased dramatically, From other hand, state propaganda is desperatly searching for scapegoats, this time blaming educated people for all of the country’s problems. Soloviev, other infamous propagandist with connections to Israel, started to search for invisible «fifth coloumn», where every person that is not wholeheartedly supports toxic Russian state policies is concidered Western spy. This kind of accusations is especially ironic, knowing the fact that families and bank accounts of the wealthiest Russians are located in the West.

If we really want to achieve such changes, it is necessary for us, working class people, to create our own organizations, which will truly represent our interests and protect them, such as proactive trade unions. The real fight for decent life starts from the workplace. It is very naïve to believe that going for election to vote for «that special guy», who singlehandedly will solve our problems, will ever work. Just take a look, for example biggest borgeois democracy in the world – USA. For the last 20 years every presidential candidate reassured the people that it will stop to put american’s lives at risk in endless war campaigns all over the world and that he will bring employment back on the 80-s level. But only opposite had happened in reality. America continues to destroy Africa and Middle East, Trump openly proclaimed that he «secured the oil» in Syria, and number of «working poor» continues to rise. It’s just doesn’t work this way. The real, radical change in the interests of absolute majority can be done only by working class and its intelligentsia.