Most Russians are willing to work more

What the capitalists need

According to a study conducted by Megaplan, two-thirds of Russians are ready to increase their working hours or to increase the amount of duties to save their salaries. About 76% are not ready for lower wages. Only 16% are willing to work in a four-day week with a decrease in salaries.

Create trade unions!
Create trade unions!

This desire of people is understandable. According to another study, about 60% of the population have no savings, which means that they hardly make ends meet and live from paycheck to paycheck. In addition, a significant portion of workers have loans. Any decline in income in these conditions becomes a real disaster, putting their families on the brink of survival. In these conditions, workers are forced to increase the load in order to somehow survive.

However, this way of survival will ultimately lead to even greater impoverishment, worsening of life. An increase in working hours will lead to an actual reduction in wages, to an increase in unemployment, as employers will be able to lay off part of the workers. The increase in unemployment, in turn, will lead to an even greater reduction in salaries. This is entirely in the interests of the capitalists, who will be able to strengthen the exploitation of simple people, making more profit. But this is not in the interests of the workers.

Under these conditions, the only way out for workers is to fight for their interests. An organized, persistent collective struggle of workers for their interests is guaranteed to lead to an improvement in the situation of workers.