MP suggests transfering security of public schools into hands of Rosgvardia

State Duma MP from LDPR party Vasily Vlasov suggested transfering security of public schools and universities into hands of Rosgvardia. According to Vlasov, Rosgvardia officers are more professional than private security company employees. Such statement was made after school shooting in Blagoveschensk, where in 14th of November student of Amursky college of construction, housing and communal services opened fire on his classmates, which lead to death of one of them and 3 others were wounded. After shooting killer commited suicide.

But as we can see, enforcing security of public schools never leads to decrease in crime rates, and definetly not guarantee protection from school shootings. In Soviet Union schools were unguarded, yet school shootings were unheard of. Today we can find security personnel, tourniquets, metal detectors in every school, and so what? Crime rates and school shootings rising every year. Clearly transfer protection of schools into hands of Rosgvardiya will change nothing and school shootings will continue to be an issue.

Rise of violence in public education facilities, including killings or even mass murder has reasons behind it. First reason is massive inequality, which creates feeling of impunity and permissiveness among the rich and provoking less fortunate members of society into outbursts of violence. Second is promotion of cult of competetiveness, “homo homini lupus est” attitude. Brawls in talk-shows on federal TV became a norm. Criminal drama series filled the broadcast of biggest channels. Details of the most heinous crimes are focused on and discussed in detail throughout the media. Thirdly, various crime organisation operating in Russia that involved in illegal drug and weapons trade consider public schools as a part of their sphere of interest. All this filth became part of reality of our lives thanks to capitalism.

It’s only natural, that no matter how many security guards will be send for protection of public schools, even if we turn our average school into Alcatraz with snipers, machine guns and barbed wire, it will not save us from mass shootings. To solve this problem, we must get rid of capitalism, and it will put rise of violence to an end.