National teachers strike had started in Croatia

The capitalists will not give anything without a fight

Teachers of Croatia declared national strike for better wages. 90% of country’s teachers joined the action.

В Хорватии началась массовая забастовка учителей

Streets of capital and other cities are flooded with protesters. In some regions all classes were cancelled. Teachers were outraged by unwillingness of authorities to increase their salaries. Average wage of a teacher in Croatia is around 800 euros, while national average level is 1000 euros, which is very low for EU standards.

Such injustice forced teachers to strike. Scale of protest is rising, and if we look at the history of similar protest, victory of Croatian teachers is inevitable.
For example, teachers of Jordan, Mongolia and some of US states (Illinois, Colorado) had achieved increases of payment after sucessful strike actions. In all of the mentioned cases, solidarity of working class people and their determination to fight to the end brought them victory. The question is – is it possible in Russia? The answer is – yes! But in order to do some, one’s must overcome his or her fears of management and gather support from fellow comrades.