Novosibirsk is protesting against urban in-fill development

In Novosibirsk, protests have flared up again because of a new fill-in construction project. A seventeen-story residential building is about to be erected in the courtyard of the house in 3, Lesosechnaya Street.

Novosibirsk citizens protesting against the new "human hive" in the yard of their apartment block
Novosibirsk citizens protesting against the new «human hive» in the yard of their apartment block

The demonstration was attended by the mayor office representatives, the contractor (LLC Specialized builder «House of the Sun») and residents of nearby houses. It is noteworthy that the mayor’s office has not yet issued a building permit, but this did not prevent the developer from starting work.

«Already now, heavy machinery has begun to move along our internal courtyard paths, which, by the way, were repaired last year under the federal program with more than 30 million rubles of state money invested! The upgrade of the yard playground is planned for this year, too», a resident of the neighboring house said.

The representative of the developer builds his defense in a very original way, stating that the protesting citizens infringe on the rights of the contractor’s employees by depriving them of their work and future residents who could settle in the house under construction.

Moreover, as it was reported in the public group «Community Akademgorodok | Novosibirsk», there were also supporters of the construction, who, according to the residents, went there for a price of 500 rubles.

The City Hall claims that they offered another place for construction, but the developer said that he had agreed with the residents. The residents do not trust the City Hall, declaring that the developer has no construction permit, and intend to contact the prosecutor.

Despite all the statements of the Mayor’s office and personally Mayor Lokot’ (the first secretary of the Communist Party regional committee) that the problem of fill-in construction in the city will be resolved, the situation has worsened over the past six years. There are more and more protracted construction sites in the city, and fill-in development is in full swing for the sake of the construction business.