Novosibirsk region officials will spend 800,000 on “the Spirituality Revival”

“The Spiritual train” — an campaign for “strengthening the nation” and “moral foundations”

The Ministry of Regional Policy in Novosibirsk region announced an auction for sponsoring the campaign “Train for the Spiritual Revival of Russia”. The maximum contract price is 800 thousand rubles. Funds will be allocated from the regional budget, the local portal reports.

"Духовный поезд": "За духовное возрождение России!"
«The Spiritual Train»

Accoring to the plan, priests, doctors, social workers and artists will go on a “spiritual tour” to towns and villages of Novosibirsk region. The event will be held from April 24 to 30.

«According to the document, the goal of the campaign is «strengthening the unity of the Russian nation, the moral foundations in society and the harmonization of interethnic relations».

During the event, there will be a round table discussion on the topic “Spiritual, moral and civil-patriotic education as the basis of interethnic and interfaith harmony in Novosibirsk region” and a number of scientific and practical conferences “State, Society and Church”.

The contractor’s task will be to conduct at least ten concerts in the region and an awarding ceremony for the campaign participants — representatives of the regional executive authorities of Novosibirsk region, the Novosibirsk Metropolitanate of the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as medical workers, artists and other persons participating in the event. Also, the contractor will be required to make a film about the campaign lasting at least 10 minutes.

In 2018, a similar campaign was already held in Novosibirsk region — then the temple car was travelling around on the train that visited 125 settlements of the region.

Spiritual propaganda in the state that claims to be secular, is becoming honorable. The Ministry of Defense allocates money for church construction, deputies of the Lower House of Parliament suggest introducing God into the main law of the country, and law enforcement agencies initiate criminal proceedings under the article “Insulting the feelings of believers”.

The Russian Orthodox Church is gathering more and more levers of power in its hands. So, the State Duma is planning to pass a bill according to which organizations located under the wing of the Russian Orthodox Church, including business enterprises, will be able to live quietly without frequent inspections by oversight bodies.

Such situations are not accidental. In the conditions of permanently growing debts of Russians, the lack of indexation of wages and the power curtailment of the activity of trade unions, power more than ever needs opium for the people.